Call Masking
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Call Masking

Call Masking is our most requested feature. You asked for it, so we built it.

What is Call Masking?

Call Masking hides your technician's phone number from your customers. When your technician taps 'Contact' within the Dispatch Mobile app, the customer will receive a call from a generic phone number. If your customer calls that number back, it will call your main office number.

If the customer chooses 'Contact' within the 'On My Way' link, it will call your main office number.

How do I activate Call Masking?

To activate Call Masking, upgrade your subscription on our tools page. Call Masking will take effect within 1 business day after you activate it, and we'll let you know once the change has been confirmed.

Who should use Call Masking?

Any organization that would like to protect the contact information of their technicians, or would like to route phone calls from customers back to their office should use Call Masking.

Are there any limitations?

Currently there is a 2,000 minute per month limit.

Does Call Masking require training?

No, your technicians will use the call feature within the Dispatch app as they have always done. Nothing will change for them.

Is there an additional charge per user or per minute?

No, there are no pass-through costs associated with this plan. This flat rate per month covers up to 2000 minutes.

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