Billing and Payments
Add estimates & invoices to jobs
Accept credit and debit payments

What does Billing include?

With Dispatch Billing, you can create professional billing documents and collect payment for your work. Dispatch tracks outstanding invoices and payments to ensure you get paid on time. Dispatch Billing, combined with Dispatch's Job Management tools, is everything you need to run your business.

How do I activate Billing?

To start creating invoices and estimates and accepting payments, upgrade your subscription on our tools page.

How to I activate credit card payments?

After upgrading your subscription on our tools page, give our Customer Success team a call at 617-580-0607 or email us at Our team will connect your payment provider with Dispatch, which only takes a moment.

My company requires certain contracts to be attached to each invoice, will this work in Dispatch?

Yes! Dispatch allows you to store unlimited documents in billing, and you can attach any of those documents to an invoice or estimate to send to your customer.

What type of payments can I accept with Dispatch?

Credit cards (see above for setup), cash, and check.

My customers need to sign off on billing documents, will Dispatch support this?

Yes! You can request sign off on all estimates and invoices through the Dispatch mobile app. These signatures will be saved and viewable for future reference.

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